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ResearchEd is an education policy research group providing objective analysis, deep insights, and detailed recommendations for education institutions and research organizations seeking to support equitable student outcomes and promote community and economic development through education. 

Our Mission

ResearchEd’s mission is to conduct student-centered work, informed by the experiences of today’s learners, particularly those who have been underserved by our education system. This includes students with children and students with disabilities, students that are first generation, from racially minoritized backgrounds, from rural communities, and students with intersections of these and other identities.

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ResearchEd conducts and publishes research, provides data capacity building support, and acts as a liaison between students, education institutions, and policymakers through advocacy and communications.


ResearchEd has expertise in a variety of policy issue areas, as well as in report development, data visualization, building data infrastructure, and working with public and proprietary student data sources.

We  believe research is a tool to empower action, whether it be in the classroom, on campus, or in Congress.

Our vision is to conduct work that increases equitable access to education as a catalyst for student and community success. Increasing and equalizing access to education is the first step in breaking down historic and ongoing structural barriers to racial and social justice, and to improving the well-being of all people.

Our Partners

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