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To support the publication of a research brief on the ways that colleges are conceptualizing and implementing their role as apprenticeship intermediaries, ResearchEd will provide research and writing support to the CELNA team at New America. The work will consist of identifying a case study to include in a report publication, writing a narrative and recommendations, and working with the team at New America to create a report tying together three case studies along with recommendations for the field on implementing leading practices for community colleges acting as apprenticeship intermediaries. 

In partnership with New America, ResearchEd is conducting research on leveraging high quality paid work-based learning opportunities as a way to address student basic needs. In support of this work ResearchEd will conduct a series of in-depth interviews community colleges coordinating basic needs support and paid work-based learning opportunities. With more data about how this intersection is playing out on the ground, ResearchEd and New America will organize and facilitate a virtual convening of college leaders, researchers and advocates focused on student basic needs to explore the intersection. The project will also explore how community colleges are thinking about reforming career services to better serve low-income, students of color. Resulting from this research will be two briefs coming at this question of connecting students with better jobs to address their basic needs from different angles. The first will highlight the connection between the current focus on basic needs and getting students good jobs. The second will explore how community colleges can reform their career services to help create a systemic connection with students and high-quality employment.

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